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Refund Policy

Posted on: April 19, 2022 | Author: admin | Category:

• If you need to cancel your appointment, we will refund your money. All you need is to provide us with a document or information showing the reason for the cancellation.
• Diabetes and thyroid hormone levels can vary due to fasting or sample collection times. As a result, variation in these tests will not be considered in our results. Variation in lipid profile will not be considered.
• We offer a moneyback guarantee on all of our reports. We provide comparisons up to 5 days, but cannot be responsible for anything beyond that time.
• The customer can request changes to their order or cancel it at any time before the order is confirmed. If the customer cancels, any costs related to the order up until that point will be paid by the customer.
• We can cancel any contract with a customer if we choose at any time, subject to refunding the price they paid.
• If you need to contact us about a cancellation or refund, e-mail us at You will be refunded back to the card or bank account used for payment in full and the refund will not be given by any other means.

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